Computer Go

"An international bulletin devoted to the generation and exchange of ideas about Computer Go"

Between 1986 and 1991 this newsletter and/or technical journal came out quarterly (more or less) "to promote and exchange of ideas among persons interested in the application of computer technology to the game of Go".

As the sixteen issues are out of print - but referenced very often - I decided to republish them here. Thanks to David Erbach for the permission to do that.

A word about quality:
I scanned my copies to produce the pdf files. As they stood in my bookshelf for about 16 years, the orignals are not in mint condition. You will see that on some pages.
Some pages look biaswise? They do in the originals, too. I tried to correct that, but then the quality of the scans got worse. So I left the pages as they are.

Issue No.1 (Winter 1986-87) (912 KB)
Issue No.2 (Spring 1987) (1120 KB)
Issue No.3 (Summer 1987) (1040 KB)
Issue No.4 (Fall 1987) (1448 KB)
Issue No.5 (Winter 1987-88) (1384 KB)
Issue No.6 (Spring 1988) (1372 KB)
Issue No.7 (Summer 1988) (1424 KB)
Issue No.8 (Fall 1988) (1336 KB)
Issue No.9 (Winter 1988-89) (1428 KB)
Issue No.10 (Spring 1989) (1376 KB)
Issue No.11 (Summer 1989) (1296 KB)
Issue No.12 (Fall 1989) (1476 KB)
Issue No.13 (Winter 1989-90) (1288 KB)
Issue No.14 (Spring/Summer 1990) (1424 KB)
Issue No.15 (Fall/Winter 1990-91) (1364 KB)
Issue No.16 (Spring/Winter 1991) (1476 KB)

These copies of Computer Go have been scanned and converted to .pdf format with permission of the Editor, David Erbach (
He retains copyright, except for articles whose copyright has been reserved by their authors.
These documents may not be re-published in printed or any other electronic form without prior written agreement of the Editor.
They have been posted here as a service to the Go community.

Diese Kopien von Computer Go wurden mit der Erlaubnis des Herausgebers, David Erbach (, gescannt und in das pdf-Format konvertiert.
Er behält das Copyright, ausgenommen sind lediglich die Artikel, für die das Copyright beim jeweiligen Autor liegt.
Diese Dokumente dürfen ohne vorherige schriftliche Erlaubnis des Herausgebers weder in gedruckter noch in irgendeiner anderen elektronischen Form neu veröffentlicht werden.
Die Veröffentlichung hier geschieht als Dienst an die Go-Gemeinschaft.